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Refurbishment KBS Air Conditioning


Kudos Building Services Ltd offer a wide range of refurbishment, we strive as company to give the client the opportunity to refurbish any air conditioning equipment to bring this up to the present day standards.

We can supply most replacement components if not like for like but a new up to date version, we also offer on VAV boxes a retro-fit option to ensure that the specification of the equipment for today’s modern environment.

This also applies to Fancoil units and we also offer to change existing fans to the EC types.

By carrying out a refurbishment of air conditioning equipment our specially trained engineers work closely with the client to achieve a good working requirement and cause a minimum amount of disruption to the working area and work can be carried out during working hours or out of working hours if required.

Our refurbishment service is not just replacing components but we also take on re-routing ductwork, Grilles, Diffusers and plenum boxes along with all control wiring modifications.
We offer a commissioning and balancing service with an independent company that work closely with Kudos Building Services.

We specialize in supplying heating to VAV units which includes attaching heater to whole VAV or independent spirals heating individual offices with either IBS controlled or independent room sensors.

As a company we can offer a complete refurbishment of office area if required.